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Welcome to the Integrative Manual Therapy Approach to understanding and problem-solving your most challenging health problems.

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Most of today’s healthcare is focused on looking and treating JUST your symptoms…Strengthen this, take a pill for it. What is missing is the consideration of the human body as a whole, made up of many interconnected systems, that are in continuous communication, relationship and balance with each other.

What is lost in our healthcare systems is the continuing to ask the question “why.” The “what” is easy to identify. But ignoring the why leaves us with pain or illness that returns, or moves and becomes something new.

But…it’s not really new…

Your body will continue to compensate and adapt until

1. We address the original/primary for reasons that it needs to adapt


2. It runs about of options to adapt and pain and disease progress.

Here at The Shepherd Center for Integrative Health we help you understand how your body has adapted and accomodated to various traumas and insults to your system and what it needs to return to a place of efficiency and balance. It is a process of uncovering and removing old layers and restoring the the healthy function of your organs, joints and integrating them back into the whole.

A lifetime of accumulated traumas result in organs, joints, nerves, and even blood vessels that have lost the ability to slide, glide, expand and contract in response to your movement or internal body processes.

The sensitivity and wisdom in our hands, along with indepth knowledge of anatomy and physiology enable us to precisely restore healthy function and movement of all of the structures in your body.


We spend 1-2 hours with you understanding your history and current medical concerns. Our highly trained hands will assess the structure and function of the systems of your body, and the structures within. We will identify and begin to restore the health of the most strained area of your system, which

Restore hope in your health…

What is the Integrative Manual Therapy Diagnostic and Treatment Approach?

Our philosophy –

1. Every injury, illness and trauma throughout your lifetime leaves an impression in your body, often resulting in decreased movement and circulation of a joint or organ.

2. Your body will always seek to keep you safe and keep you moving and will develop strategies to compensate for these older events.

3. A precisely trained hand and eye can identify the root causes and improve the health and mobility of these structures and restore important pathways throughout the body.

Jennifer C. Shepherd, specializes in Integrative Manual Physical Therapy. This Whole Person treatment approach to solving pain and other health issues has its foundation in Visceral, Vascular and Neural Manipulation and Functional Mobilization, both osteopathic paradigms of assessment and treatment. Learn more about Jennifer and her work here.

Success Stories

I have always been an athlete. I am an avid runner, triathlete, and downhill skier. While playing basketball, I had a bad sprain of my ankle, which put me in a boot for 3 months. I found this injury both difficult physically and emotionally; being unable to work out made me feel out of shape and increased feelings of stress. Jen’s rehabbing my ankle and also my back and hip (since I had over-compensated my movement when I was in the boot) was amazing!!! I have returned to my triathlon speed of 10 year ago and have just completed my 60th half-marathon. With Jen’s combination of physical man… Read more
Julie Anne LaserMSW, LCSW, PhD