Are you STILL struggling to find solutions and relief for your pain and health concerns?


Do you go from specialist to specialist and still not have answers for why you are having trouble?


Have you received a diagnosis and been told your options are medications, injections, surgeries, or even worse, you’ll just have to live with it?

Do you dream of a life with less pain, easier movement and better health?


…our work is different

We can help you!

Often where you hurt is NOT the primary area that needs to be addressed and treated.

GET Back to doing the things you love and do them even better!

What is the Integrative Manual Therapy Diagnostic and Treatment Approach?

Our philosophy –

1. Every injury, illness and trauma throughout your lifetime leaves an impression in your body, often resulting in decreased movement and circulation of a joint or organ.

2. Your body will always seek to keep you safe and keep you moving and will develop strategies to compensate for these older events.

3. A precisely trained hand and eye can identify the root causes and improve the health and mobility of these structures and restore important pathways throughout the body.

Jennifer C. Shepherd, specializes in Integrative Manual Physical Therapy. This Whole Person treatment approach to solving pain and other health issues has its foundation in Visceral, Vascular and Neural Manipulation and Functional Mobilization, both osteopathic paradigms of assessment and treatment. Learn more about Jennifer and her work here.

Success Stories

Hands down Jen stands out as one of the top PT’s I have ever met. We did all our work while I was on the home trainer, going from on the bike to the table, making adjustments and assessing back on the bike. It was incredible to feel the work so immediately and be able to give such direct feedback. Thank you Jen, I’d have to say the work we did has really helped me out. Getting that tibia back to normal has really straightened me out and helped with power transfer.
Lucas EuserProfessional Cyclist United Healthcare Pro Cycling