Orthopedic and Integrative Manual Therapy with a Functional Medicine Approach
Restorative Healthcare & Preventative Healthcare


with Jennifer C. Shepherd, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Visceral Specialist and Fellowship-trained Orthopedic Manual Therapist

Are you ready to finally get some answers and solutions
for your pain or health concerns?


Our process gets to the deepest CAUSES of your issues.
Your body is brilliant; you need a health care professional who knows how to listen to it.


1. Every injury, illness and trauma throughout your lifetime leaves an impression in your body, often resulting in decreased movement and circulation of a joint or organ.

2. Your body will always seek to keep you safe and keep you moving and will develop strategies to compensate for these older events.

3. A precisely trained hand and eye can identify the primary causes and improve the health and mobility of all involved structures and restore important pathways throughout the body.

We offer complimentary phone consultations to discuss your case or feel free to schedule your initial appointment:

Jennifer C. Shepherd, specializes in Integrative Manual Physical Therapy. This Whole Person treatment approach to solving pain and other health issues has its foundation in Visceral, Vascular and Neural Manipulation and Functional Mobilization, both osteopathic paradigms of assessment and treatment. Learn more about Jennifer at the button below.

“Jen offers a unique and amazingly comprehensive approach to movement, recovery and function. She is able to identify & address issues in multiple body systems that contribute to specific inefficiencies in movement and stability with extraordinary precision and effectiveness. After a single session, I could finally sleep and move in the morning without the constant and consistent back pain I’d had for several years despite previous PT, self-treatment and exercise. Someone finally could touch and treat “that spot” and the surrounding connections so I can not only move, but move without pain. The difference in my posture and walking was visible immediately and I can finally get those parts that felt blocked and inhibited to turn on.  I am so excited and thankful to get out and use my back and legs. It feels like I can finally drive my body without the brake being stuck down.

Jen has the knowledge, education and training to address not only the orthopedic issues but to achieve to even greater levels of functional recovery for clients with her integration of the nervous and vascular systems to truly clear the drivers and contributors of dysfunction(s).”

Sally Kappan, PT, CFMT