One luckless day, I injured my tailbone. Tried rest, cortisone injections, acupuncture, anti-inflammatories, cold laser therapy etc.After a year of no improvement, I had my coccyx surgically removed. Another year went by with minimal improvement. Enter Jen Shepherd. Jen reviewed my history, and without second guessing any previous treatments or decisions, embraced my problems, and focused on solving them. Along the way, she was careful not to overlook any of the feedback I gave her, and always gave me the benefit of the doubt. Within two months, she had eliminated 75 percent of the relentless wretched evil dragon of pain that had tormented me for two and a half years. After four months, the pain is all but gone with things continuing to improve. Systematic excellence combined with a heaping helping of thoughtfulness, Jen Shepherd brings it! Forever grateful to the dragonslayer!